Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Jurybox

Is Jurybox an office/firm solution or for a single attorney?

Yes. Jurybox is designed for an office to organize and collaborate all information relating to jury selection. That said, it works great for a solo attorney or for attorneys that are part of a larger organization that have yet to subscribe all of their attorneys to Jurybox.

Is Jurybox a web application or an iPad app?

Yes. Jurybox is both a web application and an iPad app. Your data is hosted securely in the Cloud and uses the same sign in credentials for both. So, whether you sign in with a browser or your iPad, you will see the same data.

How do I access the iPad app?

You must first sign up for an account at You can then download the Jurybox app at the App Store and sign in using the same credentials you used on the website.

Does Jurybox still work without an internet connection?

Yes, even though Jurybox is a Cloud based app, it will still continue to work even when you temporarily loose internet access. Once you reestablish your connection, Jurybox will sync up with the Cloud.

Please note, real time collaboration is not possible without internet access, so if you want to collaborate with another user, and are concerned about a reliable internet connection, you may consider bringing a Hotspot to court.

How does Jurybox pricing work for my office?

Jurybox is a subscription based software, which means there is a yearly fee to use it. Jurybox is offered at $399 per year per user. If your office has five attorneys/support personnel that need to use the software, your office would pay $1995 per year. Generous discounts are available for public prosecutors and public defense attorneys, as well as offices with over 5 users. Contact to request a quote if you fall within one of those categories.